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by Herman Hesse (book adaptation)

Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, London

August 2017

Speculative Project for UAL

Siddhartha is a novel by Hermann Hesse about the life of a self-discovery man, that in the end of his life became Buddha.The book is not religious or historical,is his spiritual journey as he lived many different styles of life where he met interesting people that taught him the way to meditation, love and self awareness. The project is a self adaptation of the book, it's a dance piece based on traditional Indian spiritual music and Hindu Chants and the blue wall is inspired by the Indian blue "city of the winds", Jodhpur.

Model materials

Base wood, mount board

Ground tea, herbs, coarse turf and model making natural straw, PVA

Trees wire, foil, mod rock, model making leaves, acrylic

Wall mount board, foam board, polyfilla, 3D paint, spray paint, acrylic 

Figures wire,miliput and mod rock

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