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I Am The Monster

by Anders Lustgarten

Young Vic Theatre, Maria Stage

June 2017

Speculative Project for Birkbeck University

The I Am The Monster is a political play about the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and the controversial role and actions of the NGO's that helped during the country's healing period. Janine, a British volunteer that went to help, discovers the secret and faulty side of the NGO she is part of while she falls in love with Reyneld, a Haitian who is desperately digging in the rumble to find his lost sister.

Model Materials

Brickwork Kappa-line foam board, gesso, acrylic

Platforms foam board, polyfilla, modelling dust, PVA glue, acrylic

Metal tubes wooden sticks,acrylic, copper paint

Camera mount board, toothpicks

Strip led lights underneath the platforms for lighting

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