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Stockwell Playhouse, London

July 2018


Modern and mythical collide in the UK premiere of Steve Yockey’s “Bellwether”; a nice, safe place to live. That was, until six-year-old Amy Draft went missing. As the investigation progresses, speculation in the media and the neighborhood turns on Amy’s parents. But the young girl’s disappearance is not what it seems, and is only a glimpse of what lurks below the community’s perfection. A chilling indictment of human society and the media’s frenzied pursuit of fear-based “news” – that, and much, much more.




Writer - Steve Yockey
Director - Kay Kadri

Set Design and Puppetry - Sylvia Spyratou and Laura Arroyo- Rocha

Costume Design - Sylvia Spyratou and Ioanna Lantzanakis

Director's Assistant and Lighting designer - Klay Brackney Wandelear
Sound designer -Blue Fox 


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