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The Maids by Jean Genet

Stockwell Playhouse

July 2018

The protagonists, Claire and Solange are two sisters and housemaids to their mistress, ‘Madame’. They live in a constant state of emotional tension, alternating between feelings of love and hatred towards their employer. They love her because they dream to be like her, and hate her because she embodies the same society and establishment which rejects them. Every night when their mistress is away, they steal her clothes and perform a ritual in which one of them plays the Madame while the other a servant, who attempts to murder her. This macabre staging and role-playing, generates an incommensurable pleasure on them, allowing them to vent their anger in the roles of victim and perpetrator. But fiction and reality are easily confused and the two women eventually become victims of their own obsessive and perverse games.



Translated by Benedict Andrews and Andrew Upton

Director - Fran Olivares
Set Design - Sylvia Spyratou and Laura Arroyo-Rocha

Costume design - Ioanna Lantzanakis

Lighting designer - Klay Brackney Wandelear
Directo's assistant - Sebastian Zeballos


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